Guitar Repairs - Setup

The setup of a guitar is really important for the health and the long life of the instrument. It involves among others: the string action, the intonation, the height of the pick-ups, the neck curve, the wood humidity etc.. A well set-up guitar is easier to play and it sounds much better.


Do you have a brand new guitar?
The guitars that come brand new from the factory are usually not well set-up. Your guitar or bass-guitar is a wooden product which reacts to the weather conditions (temperature, humidity). The conditions during transport and storage are far from optimal for the instrument. The strings get rusty and the frets dirty. All these have a direct effect on the neck curve. So in general, every new guitar must have a new set strings and a complete setup, before you will start playing.


Do you have a used guitar? Does your guitar feel difficult to play?
Also a used guitar needs repairing from time to time. It includes a special cleaning, new strings, frets polishing, special oil for the wooden parts, setting the right heights and intonation, checking the electronics and hardware.

If you feel that your guitar is difficult to play or if it starts buzzing, maybe we could try other type of strings or a different setup. Also you might want to adjust your guitar to your playing style. Setting a different string type has a direct effect on your guitar setup. The heights, intonation and fret curve have to be readjusted.

After some years of playing, string marks are start to appear on your guitar frets and some strings are buzzing. This can be repaired! The frets can be aligned, polished and become straight again. It involves a lot of manual work, but at the end your guitar will sound incredibly better. Unfortunately, you can repair your frets no more than 3-4 times. After that, the frets must be replaced by new ones. The result though is amazing! Like having a brand new guitar!

You can bring your guitar for a free check-up. I can tell you if your guitar needs any repair or setup.


Pricelist for guitar/bass repairs and setup

Check-up and consult FREE
Small Setup for classic guitar: frets polishing, new strings (price of strings not included) €30
Small Setup: action, fret curve, intonation, pick-up heights €30
Big Setup: Small Setup + new strings, frets polishing (price of strings not included) €45
Frets alignment + Big Setup €85
New frets + Big Setup €195


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