My vision - The guitar lesson


Every student has a unique idea of guitar playing, which is based on their music influences and their experience. Also his purpose is different.

In the very first lesson, we gather all this information and we make a plan together with the student. This plan is reviewed regularly and is adjusted to the students needs. So, the student is confident and aware of their current level and what they will expect in the future.

The lessons are tailored to the needs of the students and include:

  • techniques
  • chords and scales
  • music theory
  • soloing
  • ear training
  • tablature - notes
  • songs - artists - music styles
  • composing
  • live performance

Guitar studying never ends. It all depends on which level the student wants to reach.


The lessons are: 30 or 60 minutes and 2 or 4 lessons per month. The lessons take place at Nick’s home studio in Leidschenveen - Den Haag (Geerpolderstraat 19, Den Haag).


Duolesson (2 students)
It is possible to attend guitar lessons together with a friend or your child. On top of the normal guitar training we explore some extra subjects like coordination and synchronization. Moreover the interaction between students is better and we see results in improvisation faster.

Duolessons are more economic than the normal lessons. Check here for the pricelist.

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